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06/23/2022Steve MathesonTake a number (~20, it varies) of the typical supplements people my age are interested in. I change the pallet every now and again when something catches my eye. Plus my wife and I take the natural senolytic formula I developed in 2019. We the senolytic formula for 1 month every 3 months and have done so since Oct 2019 Light workout 4 days a week @ 6:00am, 2 to 3 of those sessions we use BFR. Our workout includes rowing and resistance training. tVNS (vague nerve stimulation) 4 to 5 evenings a week for 20 minutes, have noticed some benefits from this and have posted my DIY How To in the group RLT 2 to 3 times a week with a high power LED system called FlexBeam I work full time at 2 "jobs" to keep the brain active: 1) as an internal consultant for a friend with a diverse group of businesses 2) starting a health span oriented supplement business. Four "kids" - 6 Grands and 1 more on the way :-) that will keep you young!! 2020 - BioViva DNAm test - DNAm age = 56 - ChronoAge = 64 - after 1 year of using our product, I had no baseline so do not know beginning 2021 - TruDiagnostic - DNAm age = 53 - ChronoAge = 65 - reversed an additional 3 years ------- TruDiagnostic - Extrinsic age = 52 - ChronoAge = 65 measure of immuno senescence 2022 - Sept - will do another DNAm test with TruDiagnostic BP, HbA1c, Lipids - all in the middle of the range for my age. Diet?? I have too many weaknesses :-) overweight for my stature and age, all I really need to do is grow another 2 to 3 inches! Would like to try Plasmapheresis and Liz Parishe's gene therapies
06/22/2022Roc Ordmannutrition, exercise, supplements, lifestyleage, weight, blood pressure, pulse, other data when I visit the doctor and have a blood testThis is great. So glad you are doing this.
05/04/2020Miles JacobsGene Therapy to correct epigenetic marks and or to provide transcription factors and signalling molecules. Deeply interested in AgeX and Oisin platforms.Oisin created a senolytic/cancer combo in this way, and it worked in mice.Oisin and AgeX (and a few other companies) have created practical platforms to do the gene therapy. Now we need people to write the gene programs for the various aging conditions.
09/03/2018AnonymousAlpha lipoic acid every other day astragalus extract weekly ginseng 2x a month C60 olive oil weekly external on head 2x turmeric teaspoons a day in waterVisual grey hair disappeared good skinFollow a weekly longevity cycle trough supplements
09/02/2018David James Demko, PhD, Clinical GerontologistPositive attitude is the precursory of positive action. Prescriptive knowledge about optimal aging is, and has been for decades, very abundant and readily available. So why aren't hundreds of millions of people taken advantage of these findings from peer-reviewed research? That's easy. Despite dramatic advances in age-science, survey research documents that many people, young and old, still harbor negative attitudes about aging and retirement. Since 1998, I've worked (researching, publishing, public speaking) to re-invent the nation's dialogue on anti-aging, rebranding it into a positive, youth-preservation philosophy, trademarked as Youth'n Up your life. As the author of the brand, I live by its guidelines, which are grounded in the peer-reviewed research literature. My interviews in both the print and news media around the globe. See press clippings at: See publications and pro bono speaking engagement clients at: my qualitative (ethnographic) and quantitative (survey research and statistical) publications at: wishes on your campaign. The best thing about such campaigns are their awareness-raising impact which always create much-needed public dialogue on challenges and opportunities in Aging America There's an old, popular adage that claims, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Youth'n Up your age is puts optimal aging into a positive light, and that positive attitude motivates people to reach for the "brass ring" of aging-knowledge, which can and does transforms lives by reducing morbidity risks. My work with the NIA in 1982, confirmed that 75% of illness and disease (secondary aging) in later life was not due to normal aging (primary aging), but due to neglect of preventive health behavior. Imagine reducing the incidence of secondary aging, that can have an enormous cost-saving impact on health care. Those dollars could then be directed to research on Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, mental health.
08/15/2018AnonymousMetformin + B12 + Telmisartan (every day) Endoluten + Vladonix (1 per week) + VESUGEN (1 month per year) Not - my guide
06/21/2018 GDF11Over 100 people have tried GDF11, with 50 actively reporting daily trending biomarkers and 25 who have done at least some of the "Doctor's Office Biomarkers". Below is a quick summary: Average reaction time for our GDF11 cohort, down 12.45%, suggesting increased neurogenesis. GDF11 is the only known peptide that can dramatically improve reaction time/processing speed. MOA is believed to be endothelial repair resulting in increased blood flow to the brain. Average heart rate variability up 17.58%, suggesting cardiac age reversal Average blood pressure down 5.7%, augmentation pressure down 60.7%, pulse down 6.3% Average cutometer measured skin elasticity up 17.4% Anecdotal feedback includes greatly increased stamina and mental clarity Also, GDF11 appears to significantly increase the all important naive T cell count. The four people that took the UCLA immune test saw their naive T cells increase by 40%.Please see for more biomarkers, background and mechanism of action of GDF11, etc.
06/12/2018Rod PriceVarious supplements for about 30 years. Currently taking 6,000 IU vitamin D3 and about 10 other vitamins, minerals etc. Try to fast 15 hours each night. Lots of 70% chocolate, and cocoa in porridge. 3 fruit/day. One egg and olive oil every day. Almost no exercise.Weight 72-74 kg. Periodic blood tests always ok. Low HbA1c (years ago) . BP ~115/70. I keep a log of every temporary 'medical' issue; In the last few years (maybe since upping vitamin D, or increasing cocoa ) I'm having fewer issues each year.  
06/10/2018Dr Tom CooteI was born in 1957 and am currently 61. I have been taking various supplements for at least 10 years. For 5 and a half years I practised intermittent fasting, where I ate only one meal (dinner) on 3 days and ate normally on the other 4 days each week. My supplements include: Metformin, Aspirin, Losartan, Betaxolol, Tocotrienols, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, PQQ, Glucosamine + Chondroitin, Curcumin, Rosemary Extracts, Propolis and Aged Garlic. I have GDF11 on order and will commence use when it arrives. Earlier this year I sent a urine sample to DNAge and a DNA methylation profile suggested an age of 57. After a year of GDF11 I will have a second DNA methylation measurement. I try to avoid subjective measures but I still read and use the computer without glasses. Most of my hair is still dark, but turning white at the temples. I still run and attend a gym about 3 times per week. Typical blood pressure reading for me is 110-120/70.I believe most of the supplements I take may help to extend healthspan, but not lifespan. I DO believe that interventions such as GDF11 could extend maximum lifespan. Perhaps, between GDF11 and supplements there may be some synergy? I believe there will be other, effective interventions available soon that will also add years to our lives.
06/09/2018Walter CromptonThe most dramatic intervention for me was participating in the TRIIM trial 2.5 years ago, run by Greg Fahy and James Watson, to regrow the thymus using a cocktail centered around hGH, with nutritional and pharmaceutical agents to mitigate potential adverse side effects and enhance the effectiveness. Additionally, I do hard exercise once or twice a week, rewarded with time in the sauna, avoid saturated fat, excessive iron, smoking, driving and riding without a seat bet, and sleeping on railroad tracks. I take nutritional supplements that show some promise without ill effects, such as NAD+, quercetin, B-vitamins, NAC, vitamin D, and others. I also have been taking a few nootropics. I read non-fiction regularly, play music, and take Mandarin lessons to stimulate neural activity. I maintain and build social connections to add relevance to my life, and have sex once or twice a week, with a little luck.The TRIIM trial involved many blood tests, which revealed unambiguous improvement in thymus function. The therapy lasted one year, and since then, I have enjoyed very good health, with only rare and very mild disease symptoms of any type. Doing aerobic exercise is pure will power, and I don't like swallowing so many pills, but they seem to make me feel better, so I persevere. I believe that quality of life increases health and longevity, but even if not, it makes life more satisfying. I would like to participate in more age-reversal activities, but the list of available and affordable therapies is short. Frankly, I do not assume that I will survive to enjoy "escape velocity," given ubiquitous rotten politics and glacially slow longevity advances, as society squanders trillions on stupid stuff instead of rejuvenation biotechnology and social unity, but I am committed to continue pushing the curve in that direction until the rug is pulled out from under me.
06/07/2018Winslow FosterGcSF injections to regenerate the immune system. Other therapies tried: deprenyl, metformin, TA-65, testosterone secretagogue, Hgh secretagogue, adaptogens, herbs. Therapies under consideration: umbilical cord plasma, autologous cultured BMSCs, J-147, GDF-11, blood filtration, gene therapy, light, mangetic, microcurrent, high frequency, meditation.Full body PET scan, abdominal ultrasound, full blood panel, immune panel, DNA methylation; tests done before and after treatment.Protocol derived from US Patent application 9636515. Treatment consisted of 4 doses of GcSF, standard dose/weight, 1/week. 1 standard dose after 6 months, 1 standard dose after 8 months.
06/04/2018Allen Taylorcalorie restriction, vegetarian diet, running, weight trainingBP consistently low. Bloodwork normal across many tests.I have been making lifestyle choices that are consistent with longevity for over 40 years.
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05/11/2018Bram StokerFictitious sample for this demo: Plasma ProductChronological age 68. DNA methylation age (Zymo Research) before therapy: 66.95 yr, after one treatment 65.80. LabCorp blood test, C reactive Protein decreased from .98 to .82 (reference range 0-3.00 mg/dL). Trailmaking B mental test before 73 sec., after 51 sec, significant improvement. No side effects. Looking to isolate beneficial compounds for simpler treatment. Commercial potential. Contact me to discuss privately.
05/11/2018Euell GibbonsFictitious sample for this demo: TREE BARKAfter therapy more endurance during long hikes in the woods -- can now walk for 20 days without resting, used to only go 5.High fiber, all organic.