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Barnard, Christian ID:108 DOB:1911/01/01
ManageDataDateAndTimeCategorySpecimen NoProcedureCommentsDNAm AgeDNAm CommentsPhenotypicAgeCRPAlbuminCreatinineGlucoseLymphsMCVRDWAlkalinePhosphataseWBC
3/30/2021 10:50:00 AMMeasurement089-216-5617-0CMP14+LP+4AC+CBC/D/Plt; Urinalysis, Routine; Vitamin B12 and Folate; Hemoglobin A1c; Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S; TSH; Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy; C-Full panel. Fasting 10 hr72.60Zymo Research59.951.214.300.9395379212.4048.004.30
4/10/2021 7:25:00 AMTherapy Began Aerobics TrainingGradually increased stamina            
4/13/2021 11:04:00 AMMeasurement103-443-0968-0CMP14+LP+4AC+CBC/D/Plt; C-Reactive Protein, CardiacFasting 10.25 hr. CBC/metabolic panel plus CRP70.30
4/30/2021 12:00:00 AMNote NoteSubject will be starting demanding two week travel and work schedule. Expected to result in stress and possibly some negative health effects.            
5/11/2021 11:31:00 AMTherapy Begin Cord Plasma SeriesNo complications            
5/14/2021 12:00:00 AMTherapy Complete Cord Plasma Series             
7/9/2021 7:22:00 AMMeasurement026-216-7009-0CMP14+LP+4AC+CBC/D/Plt; C-Reactive Protein, CardiacNice progress67.80 56.740.644.300.99100409312.2047.004.80