Labcorp CBC/Metabolic Panel & CRP PDF Lab Report Data Extractor, and
Phenotypic Age Calculator

Works with LabCorp CBC/Metabolic Panel plus CRP PDF reports

Extracts and digitizes data in lab report PDFs, then calculates phenotypic age and other values.  Now building out to drop data into a database, store, and report. 
Derived from the work of Morgan Levine and Steve Horvath.  A useful tool to evaluate health and analyze how well age management therapies are working.  
Click Here for Scientific information and References    LAST UPDATED 5/3/2021 JA

Step 1: Select your Labcorp CBC/metabolic panel and CRP
PDF lab report

Data extracted from Lab Report

Name Date of Birth Test Date
Tests Specimen No. Chron Age
C-Reactive Protein Cardiac MCV (Mean Cell Volume) Calculated Phenotypic Age
Albumin RDW (Red Cell Dist Width) Difference - Chron Age vs Calc Phenotypic Age
Creatinine, Serum Alkaline Phosphatase est DNAm Age
Glucose WBC (White Blood Cells) Diff Chron Age vs est DNAm Age
Lymphs (not absolute) est. D MScore