Valuable biomarkers and software systems

provided ONLY to scientists developing aging therapies with
greatest potential for much longer healthy lifespan

at no or low-cost - subsidized by the Aging Intervention Foundation, donors and supporters, and my own (Johnny Adams) skill, management and volunteer labor

No or low-cost services and systems include:

Biomarkers and objective measures of aging
Data management and analysis software systems

Examples of aging interventions we are particularly interested in supporting:

Reset the epigenome (DNA methylation and others) to a more youthful biological age / cellular reprogramming -- possibly using Yaminaka factors and others.
Gene editing/therapy -- greatest interest is knock-ins of youth enhancing genes
Remove remove harmful pro-aging factors from older blood
Add youth enhancing factors found in young blood
More effective senolytics - therapies that remove senescent cells, which basically are old worn out cells that remain in the body causing problems
Restore mitochondria function